• Beauty Salon Cupcakes

    Beauty Salon Cupcakes

    These are possibly our favourite cupcakes of the year – created to celebrate the opening of The Retreat beauty salon in Yeovil, they were very fiddly and took for-ev-er but...
  • Corporate Celebration Cakes

    Corporate Celebration Cakes

    Nothing motivates your staff like feeling appreciated so why not mark a special acheivement or milestone with a custom made corporate cake. We made this simple but delicious cake for...
  • SWIRE Launch Cake

    SWIRE Launch Cake

    Not only does a corporate cake look and taste great – it makes a great photo opportunity for your press release too!
  • Ariel Atom 10th Anniversary Cakes

    Ariel Atom 10th Anniversary Cakes

    We were really pleased to be asked to make the ‘birthday’ cakes to mark the 10th anniversary of the Ariel Atom, another fabulous Somerset creation!
  • Corporate Cupcakes

    Corporate Cupcakes

    Get your company’s message in front of the customers in a novel way with our coporate cupcakes.
  • Corporate Birthday Cakes

    Corporate Birthday Cakes

    Mark a special birthday or anniversary for your business with one of our delicious corporate cakes to share with your customers and staff.
  • Corporate Cakes

    Corporate Cakes

    If you have a business event, anniversary or launch coming up why not get in touch to see what we can do to help you make it extra special.